It’s not much, but we call it home! It’s the door just around the corner from the TV monitor in the entry, on the left just before you enter the Teachers’ Lounge. There you will find mailboxes for the PTO Executive Board members. The room is stocked with supplies you might need while working at school. There’s also a phone. You are encouraged to use these, rather than work out of the Groveland office area. We also have access to the Staff Workroom, located next to the front office area. Additional copies of most forms can be found in the PTO closet.



  • Fill out the Print Shop Order form located in the Staff Workroom by the card stock. It is also available on the 澳门赌场 web page under “Administration” – “区 形式” – “Internal” – “Purchasing”.
  • 请记得要注意附近的申请表上的某个地方委员会的名称。
  • Attach your original that you need copied. Put the form and the information to be copied in the wire basket in the Staff Workroom.
  • 你需要让两天时间到达此完成。由中午12:00至作业通常是由3:30返回的第二天

You have been provided with a few forms and an example of how the information should be filled out. Additional forms are located in the office workroom and PTO closet. When the job is returned, place the returned print shop form in the Treasurer’s box. We use this to reconcile the 区 copying charges.

小于15份: You may use the copier in the Staff Workroom. Please be respectful of teacher needs (if the copy room is busy) and remember to return the copier settings to their original mode.


If you have information for the newsletter, email it to Emily Westlund by the dates she has emailed previously. 通讯s will be sent home electronically on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. If you have a special announcement that gets sent home in the backpacks you will need to have it in the office the Tuesday morning before the distribution date. Check with the office staff for current enrollment numbers to ensure the appropriate number of copies are provided.


The Groveland PTO typeface is Trebuchet. If you have access to this, please use it for all memos, announcements, and correspondence.


Our PTO is allowed to make purchases tax-free. Please contact the PTO treasurer to obtain the Tax ID number. If you have not used this number to make your purchase, you will NOT be reimbursed for the tax amount. There is NO exception to this policy. Phone ahead to the retail store you plan to shop at to see what they need for tax-exempt information.


This pertains primarily to the lunchroom and the gyms. The PTO President works with the principal to set up the Groveland calendar during the spring/summer. Please verify dates and do not duplicate dates that have already been set:

  • 满足与主要和/或PTO到设定的日期。
  • 填写表格一区“为要求的设施”。
  • 邮件的形式在地区办公设施协调员。保留一份副本给自己。
  • The PTO President completes “Request for 设备” forms for all major PTO events and will provide you with a copy. Do not duplicate these requests.
  • 填写“工作申请”的形式。把这个给伊丽莎白·伯顿在格罗夫兰办公室。
  • 放置在日历上的所有信息与格罗夫兰办公室的帮助。
  • Call or put a note in the mailbox of the person you may be displacing (such as gym teachers or 探险俱乐部) to be sure they are aware of your request.
  • 计划清理。确保格罗夫兰托管人都知道您的活动。


If you intend to use the Cove or the Outdoor Classroom for any reason, please contact Elizabeth Burton in the Groveland office at 952-401-5600 to reserve these. There is a separate sign-up for each area.


Talk with Mary Hauge 952-401-5580 about light refreshments, additional needs, or questions you have about the kitchen area at Groveland. For larger food orders call Jane Bender at the 区 Food and 营养服务 office: 952-401-5048.


Please be aware that there are rules regarding the use of the kitchen facilities mandated by the State Board of 健康. 联系 Mary Hauge if you plan on using Groveland’s kitchen.


The 澳门赌场 学校董事会 meetings are held the first Thursday of every month beginning at 7 p.m. at the 区 Service Center (near 清澈的泉水小学/north of Hwy. 7). These meetings are taped and re-broadcast on Time Warner Cable (Channel 17) on Fridays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 4 p.m.


格罗夫兰小学 fold-over note cards are available for you to use. They are located in the lower cupboard of the office workroom. These may be helpful for writing thank you notes to suppliers, corporate contributors, your committee members, etc.


Remember to plan ahead. You should allow at least three weeks for advance coverage in the local newspapers. 信息 usually doesn’t appear in print until approximately one week after the paper’s deadline. Unless the public is invited to an event, coverage after the fact is usually better. Then you can include a photo and highlight the results. If you have publicity needs, please contact the PTO secretary.


Please remember the Yearbook Committee is always looking for good photos of Groveland events, students, teachers, parties, etc. If you have any photos, please deliver to the Groveland office on a flash drive or CD. The electronic Groveland 通讯 might also be able to use photos from key PTO and school events.